Workshop one – Glasgow, September 2006

Seamus Ross from HATII tells the group about Digicult work



The Semantic Web Thinktank’s first project workshop (the July Leicester meeting was an introduction and launch meeting) at the Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute at the University of Glasgow looked closely at the best way in which to market the Semantic Web – both within and outside of the museum.

Within this, key discussions revolved around demonstrator projects, documentation and standards, the degree to which the Thinktank should market the technologies as opposed to the benefits to users, and devising a to-do list for the roll-out of the Semantic Web.

The afternoon changed the focus a little, as Richard Light gave a talk on technologies with an insight into topic maps followed by Nick Poole of the MDA who outlined a business model for sw. There then followed a discussion on professional practice.

More from the meeting

1 Seamus Ross and his view of the semantic web

2 Demonstrators and outcomes

3 What next? Concrete steps and outcomes

4 Topic maps – a diagram for the way forward?

5 Professional practice – working with semantics in the museum

6 Don’t mention the ‘t’ word!

7 Workshop two – participants

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