Open Meeting – Leicester, July 2006

Nick Poole of the MDA gets things rolling
Semantic Web Thinktank Open Meeting – 7 Jul 2006, Leicester, UK


The first Semantic Web Thinktank meeting took place as part of the UK Museums on the Web conference 2006 in Leicester. Twenty-three museum and web specialists gathered at the University of Leicester to discuss the Semantic Web, grappling with not only its definition, but also the impact that it could have on the museum world.

The overarching goal of the Semantic Web Thinktank’s open meeting was to provide a forum in which a diverse range of people with varied roles and perspectives could debate definitions of the Semantic Web and discuss its potential application in the culture sector.

Ross and Mike

Present at the meeting were technologists, journalists, publishers, culture-sector professionals, theorists, managers, project leaders and strategicians, who all shared a common sense that the Semantic Web is important and represents a key challenge for the future development of the culture-sector.

For Nick Poole, director of the MDA, the diversity of ‘ways-in’ was the real strength of the open meeting, seeing the role of the Thinktank as a whole to not only to explore these different routes into the subject but also ‘to marshal these strengths and interests into a coherent vision’.

More from the Meeting
1. Digital objects and terminology

2. Illustrating the semantic web

3. What does the semantic web mean for museums?

4. It’s not an either/or choice

5. Funding issues

6. A beautiful Japanese package

7. Tagging the ThinkTank

8. Evolution not revolution

9. Workshop one – participants

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  1. maggiequinn says:

    A wee bit dated but nice.

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