The future is here…any day now…

March 23, 2007

Nat Torkington maps out the future not only of Web 2.0 but also the Semantic Web. It’s looking good for Pokemon.

Google investigating semantics…

March 15, 2007

Early days, but its Google – can’t ignore it.

Tales from Blogospheric Oceans

January 8, 2007

This stuff, blogged by Nicholas Carr (, sounds cool, taking an AI approach the the semanticity problem that one would hope could hook in nicely with the formal SW:

Marc Fawzi on Evolving Trends is brief but intriguing here:
This is in part it’s about improving “semantics” search-side i.e. understanding the query better, and in part it’s about feeding better info to crawlers, with Wikipedia v 3 in mind


PS apologies for the title. With the family away I spent Sunday delving into parts of my record collection hidden behind Junior Junior’s cot whereupon I came upon some of the Canterbury/prog stuff. There is no Yes there (whaddaya take me for?) but clearly my mind has been bent by the experience.

Semantic community tagging for ‘power users’

December 21, 2006

One thing which concerned us for some time in Newcastle was the ‘interface’ or possible relationships for users and staff between contextualities built by folksonomy and those more formal structures built by domain experts such as curators.  We’re not at the answers stage yet I think, apart from an agreement that both approaches are valuable and can complement each other. Maybe its simplistic but I like to see the ‘formal’ side acting as semantic glue sticking folksonomies together.

Things are moving along elsewhere. DBin looks interesting: RDF semantic tagging of discussions by domain experts. Danny Ayres (Raw) has been blogging about SWAP 2006 in Pisa and this among other things, raised his interest.