Tallinn SWTT conference day one

Professor Eero Hyvonen of Helsinki University of Technology

Above – Eero Hyvonen

By the end of day one, participants at Intelligent Access to Digital Heritage here in Tallinn had listened to a lot of technical info, looked at website pages and heard of high semantic concepts. Sounds a bit dry, but actually there was inspiration around every corner.

For me, one of the highlights of the day was the afternoon session – dominated by Finnish excellence, finished off with an exciting glance at the work of HUMlab from Umea University in Sweden.

Professor Eero Hyvonen From Helsinki University introduced a succession of impressive projects, and also impressive research students, who gave us some insights into the leading work being carried out right now in Finland.

Big news for me was the way the Finns have organised and sorted an approach to ontologies across their sectoral borders, from museums to galleries, from the humanities to other academic and informational spheres.

KultureSampo, soon to be launched in Finland, looks like it could be one of the most joined up cultural portals in Europe, as a result of the way the site sits within a more semantically linked-up cultural society.

More about CultureSampo here


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