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I said I’d get a reference to one or two people, which is Laurie Hunter’s chapter in the new DCC Digital Curation Manual, which you can find here: It’s the closest thing I’ve read to a strategy for making the business case for SW in museums, and in fact the approach he adopts can be applied to a lot that museums engage in – so perhaps it’s already being used. Some of the specific modifications to the “balanced scorecard” that he and others from Glasgow propose can also be brought over to our area of concern, despite being intended for his particular scenario of digital preservation. Have a look; it’s good to read an economists take on how we should make the case to the accountants and decision-makers that it’s worth investing cash and effort in something that won’t cause gold sovereigns to rain down from above.

Secondly, a suggestion for those who have access to a decent library before we head to Newcastle: Allison Littlejohn’s “Reusing Online Resources: A Sustainable Approach to eLearning” (Kogan Page, ISBN 0-7494-3950-5) is full of interesting chapters. If I get time I will try to post precis of a couple of the most relevant. Unsurprisingly, the solutions that might help to solve sustainability in online learning can have a lot of overlap with SW. I’ve just come across this commentary, too which includes introductory chapters together with summaries of the other chapters. I’d better read it myself, now!

 Jeremy O


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