Brighton SWTT meeting: users, social software and the semantic web

With Glasgow still fresh in our minds, and the Glasgow meeting report now up on the blog, it’s time to turn to Brighton, and our user-focussed moment. November 30 2006 sees a small group of invited SWTT participants convening at the new offices of the 24 Hour Museum, one of the SWTT project partners.

This gathering brings together core group members, some participants from Glasgow and the opening meeting in Leicester, and some new faces. We’ve got three interesting newcomers taking part in Brighton: Mike Ellis from the Science Museum, Jeremy Keith from ClearLeft Design and Angelina Russo from CCI in Australia.

This being the third meeting (if you count the Leicester kick-off moment) it’s also an opportunity to review what’s been done so far and to listen to feedback. You don’t have to be one of our core group members to add to the accumulation of knowledge and discussion as the project rolls on, just use this site to add your views and suggestions for links, interesting research and so on.

Incidentally – we’ll be adding to the meeting reports as people who participated feedback to us about the meetings, so if an idea or key moment from a meeting is not reflected in the notes, add them to the blog – go on!

Brighton Meeting Agenda – Draft


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